Massachusetts Man Awarded $500,000 For Injuries Suffered From Crashing Boat Into Poorly Lit Barge.

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We all owe a general duty of care to those around us to make sure that our actions or inactions do not cause unnecessary harm.  When a person is negligent and breaches that duty, they may be found liable for any and all damages that result from their action.  This duty of care extends not only to what we do, but often to what we own.  Negligent maintenance of property can result in serious injury and the owner of that property may be liable for the personal injury damages that are incurred.

Recently, for example, owners of a Massachusetts barge agreed to pay $500,000 in damages after a boat collided with their barge.  The man who brought the lawsuit was the passenger in the boat and was driving around a local lake with his friend.  While the boat was traveling around the lake, it suddenly and forcefully struck the barge, which was anchored in the lake.  The man suffered severe injuries, including a broken jaw, broken ribs, bilateral scapular fractures, and orbital fractures.  In additional to his pain and suffering, the man incurred tremendous medical expenses and was unable to work while he recovered.

To get compensation for his injuries and expenses, the man filed a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the barge.  According to a report by the Department of Environmental Protection, one of the barge’s lights was not working, and the light was exactly where the boat struck the barge. The man’s attorney, Kevin Donius from Sbrogna & Brunelle, in Milton, argued that the barge owner was negligent for not having a properly working light and that this negligence was the cause of the man’s injuries. The two parties ultimately agreed to settle the lawsuit in mediation for $500,000.

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