Massachusetts Maintenance Worker Exposed to Asbestos Dies of Rare Cancer—Case Settles for $5.6 Million.

Fourteen months after being diagnosed with diffuse malignant mesothelioma, a Massachusetts maintenance worker succumbed to this rare form of cancer after having been exposed to asbestos for a number of years.

As a teen and into his adult years, the plaintiff worked in a variety of manual labor jobs, including renovation, repair and maintenance work, often in residential homes and buildings. During these jobs, the plaintiff was repeatedly exposed to asbestos from building products and heating systems, among other sources.

When he was 51 years old, the plaintiff underwent a medical evaluation for preparation for a surgery, at which time his doctors discovered a nodule on his lung during a routine chest x-ray. In a follow-up test, the plaintiff was diagnosed with the least common, but most aggressive, form of mesothelioma, which doctors say was caused by his exposure to asbestos. After enduring numerous treatments, surgeries and radical therapies in an attempt to fight the disease, the man died—just 14 months after being diagnosed.

Plaintiff’s claims for negligence, breach of express and implied warranties and loss of parental consortium against the manufacturers of the asbestos-laden products he came into contact with were settled for $5.6 million shortly before trial.

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