Massachusetts Authorities Investigating Suspicious Boston College Fires.

Boston College Police and the Newton Fire Department are investigating three small suspicious fire accidents that occurred inside two Boston College buildings this past Saturday, November 9, 2013.

According to John King, chief of the Boston College Police and director of public safety, the fire began late on Saturday night in newly-constructed Stokes Hall and Gasson Hall. Two of the fires sparked in the north wing of the fourth floor of Stokes Hall. The fire sprinkler system in the building that opened just 11 months ago became activated and covered several offices and classrooms with water. Another fire accident took place in Gasson Hall, but that fire was quickly extinguished and caused no significant damage.

No personal injuries have been reported in any of the fires. Boston College officials report that some rooms in Stokes Hall sustained significant damage and require repair. Two classrooms and five offices have been shuttered for repair. Water will be dried from the floors, surfaces will be wiped, sheetrock will be repaired, and new carpeting will be laid. Boston College officials have not provided an estimate for the total cost of the repairs.

John King stated that the fires appear “suspicious in nature” and that anyone with information regarding these fires should call the Boston College Police or the Newton Fire Department.

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