Lawsuit Targets Homeowners’ Association For Negligently Maintained Playground.

One of the most frightening aspects of tragic stories that appear on the news is that they make us realize that it does not take extraordinary circumstances for tragedy to strike. These stories reflect the fact that seemingly harmless, innocuous, every day activities can quickly devolve and become a cautionary tale. The number of car accidents per year alone is enough to alert the public about the dangers of a common activity such as driving, yet that only comprises a fraction of the stories of accidents caused by negligent behavior that lead to serious injury. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert personal injury attorney at 617-787-3700.

When 13 year-old Carl Thompson went to sit down on a swing set in his community playground, he simply needed a place to relax and send out a text message. As soon as he sat down, however, his whole world changed. A 42-pound crossbar that connected all the swings fell down on Thompson. Part of his skull was crushed, and he was left with permanent brain damages and depression.

Now, Thomas is bringing a lawsuit against the involved Homeowners’ Association (HOA) for failing to properly maintain the swing set. According to the allegations of the complaint, the HOA would have only needed to spend $150 per month on an inspector, and this whole accident could have been avoided. To put that into context, the HOA spent $160,000 this past year on various inspections. HOA president Art Sonjoa testified in court that an inspector had indeed approached the HOA, but they decided that it was not worth the money. Thomas is represented by attorney Sean Claggett, who plans to introduce evidence showing that the deteriorated state of the swing set has been obvious for quite some time, and that the HOA was negligent in not taking precautions sooner.

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