Juvenile Offender and Boys and Girls Clubs Organization Ordered to Pay $1.4 Million in Sexual Assault Case.

An unnamed 19 year-old victim of sexual assault has prevailed in a civil lawsuit brought against a juvenile sex offender and the organizations that allegedly permitted the sexual assault of the victim 10 years ago. 

The nineteen year-old is a former member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley, California. His civil damages lawsuit was brought against a juvenile sex offender and the Boys and Girls Clubs.  According to the victim, the offender sexually assaulted him in a bathroom at one of the clubs ten years ago.

The victim was only eight years old in the summer of 2003, when the sexual assault incident occurred.  The victim’s lawyer states that the then ten year-old offender assaulted two other victims as well, and committed a total of approximately 60 acts of sexual assault against the three victims.  Officials at the Boys and Girls Clubs stated that better precautions have been implemented in recent years to prevent such incidents from recurring.

The jury made its decision after a 12-day trial, and the Clubs will pay the victim $1 million of the award, while the sexual offender will be responsible for paying the rest.

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