Jury Finds David Copperfield Not Financially Responsible For Tourist’s Injuries During Trick.

Whenever a high-profile celebrity is caught up in a lawsuit, the whole world seems to take notice. Celebrities have very deep pockets, meaning a successful suit against one of them could result in a very substantial payout. What is more, the public is always hungry for private life details on famous people, and lawsuits can provide just that. In this case, legendary illusionist David Copperfield was the target of a personal injury suit initiated after a fan who was invited to participate in his act was seriously injured running through a poorly lit corridor.

In a strange verdict, jurors found that Copperfield was negligent in the way his trick was set up, but that the injuries sustained by the plaintiff were entirely the plaintiff’s fault. As a result, Copperfield has no financial liability. The plaintiff had brought in several other people who had fallen and been injured in Copperfield’s act to testify. The jury took only about two hours to reach their decision.

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