Judge Blocks NFL Concussion Settlement To Protect Injured Players.

On Tuesday, January 14, a Federal judge in Pennsylvania issued an order blocking a settlement agreement between former NFL players and NFL owners aimed at compensating former players who suffered head injuries while playing.

The proposed settlement was for $675 million, but the Judge Anita Brody at the U.S. District Court in eastern Pennsylvania stated that she did not believe that was enough to cover the 18,000 retired NFL players who may have suffered concussions requiring treatment.  The judge stated that she believed the fund created by the settlement would run out of money if more than 10% of those players needed treatment.

Concussions in the NFL have been in the spotlight in recent years, especially after the family of former NFL star Junior Seau blamed his suicide on mental problems he suffered as a result of head injuries during his time in the league.  Seau’s family has filed a wrongful death suit in that case.

Since details of the prevalence and severity of head injuries in the NFL has come to light, the league has added numerous rules aimed at protecting its players.  These include penalties and fines for hits to the head, as well as extra medical precautions for players suffering from symptoms related to concussions.

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