Insurance Company Violated 93A/176D by Refusing to Clarify Medical Record Reviewer’s Opinion.

A Massachusetts insurance company was recently found to have violated Chapter 93A and Chapter 176D of the Massachusetts General Laws by: (1) failing to offer a reasonable settlement to an injured plaintiff; and (2) failing to honor the plaintiff’s request to review the insurance company’s medical record review on which the insufficient settlement offers were based.

The plaintiff, a 33 year-old machine operator, had been injured in a motor vehicle collision in 2003. The defendant insurance company made initial offers of $640,000 and $700,000, even though the policy limit was $1 million. The insurance company settled the claim for $1 million a month before trial, but the alleged violations of Chapter 93A and 176D were still tried. The insurance company had based its low initial offers on a medical report relating to a medical record review by an orthopedic surgeon that suggested that two of the three surgeries the plaintiff had received following the car accident were related to the plaintiff’s pre-existing disc disease. The insurance company, however, refused to allow the plaintiff to review the medical report because the surgeon who made it would then have had to admit that the plaintiff’s pre-existing disease was asymptomatic before the car accident. Thus, the judge found that the defendant purposely and strategically violated Chapters 93A and 176D.

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