Immigrant Mother Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of Son Who Was Injured At A Detention Center.

At the moment, there is arguably no issue more divisive in America than the separation of migrant families at the U.S. border. Many Americans are deeply troubled and saddened by President Trump’s separation of so many small children from their parents. Stories are going around of many young children being torn away from their parents, and then sent thousands of miles away, causing trauma for both parties. Opponents of President Trump’s policies surrounding immigration have vehemently protested these practices. In addition, the detention centers that children are sent to when they are separated from their families have come under scrutiny for poor conditions and harsh treatment of the kids.

In one recently reported case, a mother and son were coming to America to escape domestic abuse when they were separated immediately after crossing the U.S. border. The child, Geremy, was taken to a detention center. While there, he was reportedly bullied viciously by other children, and at one point, had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for wounds on his head after another boy pushed him into a bed post. Geremy’s mother is now filing a lawsuit against the detention center, claiming it was negligent in ignoring Geremy’s complaints about the bullies, and failing to take him to the hospital in a timely manner. Her attorney is Dallas LaPierre of Nexus Derechos Humanos.

This is not the first negligence suit filed against a detention center. In one case, a child did not receive care after falling and fracturing his arm. There have also been several reports of an unidentified individual injecting an unknown substance into children at a detention center in Chicago. Heartland Alliance, an organization that supplies many of these centers, has expressed concern over these allegations, although they reportedly do not believe that such allegations reflect the true nature of what occurs at these facilities.

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