Hoverboard Lawsuits Already On The Rise.

The most popular Christmas gift of 2015 was a hoverboard, a motorized self-balancing scooter that became a big hit with many young kids.  Although these scooters are very fun and enjoyable, they are also very dangerous.  Recently, there have been many reported instances of hoverboards randomly bursting into flames.  The  federal Consumer Safety Commission is currently investigating 22 reports of hoverboard fires.  Airlines have even banned the scooters because of the fire hazard they pose.  Initial reports indicate that fires may occur while charging the hoverboard and during their use.  Further reports suggest the fires occur because of cheap lithium ion batteries.  If a consumer has suffered injuries from a hoverboard fire, they may be able to win money damages for their injuries, including lost wages and medical bills.  If you find yourself or someone you love in this situation, contacting a Boston personal injury lawyer is a wise thing to do.

Two personal injury lawsuits have already been filed concerning injuries that resulted from hoverboard fires.  One Alabama couple has filed a lawsuit against a hoverboard retailer after their scooter allegedly caught fire in their home. Michael Brown has also filed a lawsuit in New York earlier this month against Swagway and Modell’s sporting goods store where he purchased a hoverboard.  Smith’s hoverboard allegedly caught fire while charging.

According to Fox 6 News, personal injury attorneys are anticipating many more lawsuits in the coming months.  Hoverboard owners can potentially sue hoverboard manufacturers or retailers depending on applicable state law.  In some states, retailers are not liable for the defective products they may sell.  Furthermore, injuries associated with falls or collisions aren’t as likely to merit a lawsuit, unless they are the direct result of a defect in the scooter.

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