Hotel Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million After Guest Dies From Near-Drowning in Pool.

Businesses can be held financially responsible for injuries sustained on their premises. They have an obligation to their customers to keep a reasonably safe, secure environment. When a business fails to do so, its negligence can result in serious injuries—injuries they can be held accountable for in a court of law.  Oftentimes, the best way for a victim or their family to recover for their injuries is through a successful personal injury lawsuit.

That is precisely what one Massachusetts family did after they tragically lost their father from a swim in a hotel’s pool that went terribly wrong.  The man was by the pool with his three minor children when he began to drown.  The children were unable to call 911 because the phone required dialing “9” to reach an outside number.  Furthermore, the water in the pool was reportedly cloudy and difficult to see through, delaying the rescue of the father even further.  While the man eventually was pulled out of the pool alive, he unfortunately died just nine days later due to a brain injury and pneumonia that resulted from his near-drowning.

The man’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hotel, arguing that their failure to properly maintain and monitor the pool area lead to the man’s death.   During the trial, their attorneys, Peter Ainsworth and Victoria Santoro, were able to show that the hotel had not been properly testing and logging the chemical levels in the pool, and had actually falsified entries into the pool treatment log.  A local jury ruled in favor of the man’s family, ordering the hotel to pay them $2.5 million in personal injury damages.

Have you been injured while on someone else’s property?  If it can be shown that your injuries were caused by the property owner being negligent, you may be able to recover for the physical injuries, pain and suffering, and medical expenses that you were forced to endure as a result. Call 617-787-3700 to contact one of our expert Massachusetts personal injury attorneys for a free and private consultation.

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