Hit-And-Run Suspect Caught In Motorcycle Accident.

21 year-old Danielle Fawcett, of Royal Palm Beach, Florida, who is suspected of hitting a motorcyclist and leaving the scene of the biker crash, already had a record of similar behavior.

The 21 year-old Royal Palm Beach native has been tied to a hit-and-run motorcycle accident that occurred near the Interstate 95 exchange in Royal Palm Beach, FL. The young woman allegedly sideswiped the motorcyclist as he was riding on Forest Hill Boulevard. Fawcett left the injured biker in a ditch. He was treated at the Delray Medical Center emergency room, where he remains in critical condition.

Luckily, the woman’s driver-side mirror was torn off in the motorcycle accident, so the police knew that the car belonging to the hit-and-run driver is a silver Honda Civic. The motorcyclist’s friend recognized a car matching this description at a local body shop and reported it to the Palm Beach Police.

A record check on the suspect has revealed that there is an open case pending against her for improper backing and taking off after causing property damage. Both of those charges were misdemeanors, while this felony charge could land her up to five years in prison.

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