Former Finance Startup Employee Alleges Being Fired For Reporting Sexual Harassment.

The office or workplace is supposed to be a safe environment where employees can go and not have to worry about harassment of any type. Sexual harassment, however, is all too common; in most cases, sexual harassment occurs between a superior and a subordinate leaving the harassed feeling unsure of who or what they can do. Victims of sexual harassment can rely on an experienced sexual harassment personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to help guide them through this complicated litigation process. Our nationally recognized personal injury attorneys have decades of experience fighting for our Massachusetts clients.

A former employee of the lending startup, Social Finance, has filed a California lawsuit alleging that he was fired for reporting sexual harassment of female coworkers. The lawsuit was filed by Brandon Charles, who only worked at Social Finance as a loan processing officer for a few months. But during that time, the lawsuit claims his manager used “explicit sexual innuendo” when speaking, and made “lewd, sexualized gestures” when referring to female employees.

Mr. Charles claims he was fired after reporting the allegedly unlawful behavio, and was told that reporting it to his supervisors was outside of his appropriate duties. A spokesman for the company has said that, after an internal investigation was concluded, they found Mr. Charles’ claims to have no merit.  

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