Film Producers Fined Nearly $2 Million For Breaking Harrison Ford’s Leg On Set While Making “The Force Awakens.”

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Employers have the  responsibility of creating a safe, controlled work environment.  When an employer fails to abide by state-mandated guidelines, they expose their employees to severe injury or even death.   That employer is then liable for the injuries that befall their employees.

This responsibility applies to all employers, regardless of the work, whether it be a construction site, retailer store, or a multi-million dollar movie set.  After a decade of waiting, Star Wars fans were ecstatic to finally be getting another film in the blockbuster franchise with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  One of the main draws of the film was the return of much of the cast from the original 1977 Star Wars, including Harrison Ford as Han Solo.  A mistake on the set, however, almost made it a very tragic return for Ford. 

While shooting one of the film’s scenes aboard the Millennium Falcon, one of the hydraulic doors malfunctioned and closed sharply on top of Ford.  He was able to avoid the door slightly, but the large steel plate came crushing down on Ford’s leg, shattering his tibia and fibula like a “blunt-edged guillotine.”  Ford was rushed to a nearby hospital.  After several months of recovery, he was able to resume shooting. According to, the movie set reportedly violated several workplace safety rules and film producers were fined nearly $1.96 million for safety violations.  They are also potentially liable for any personal injury lawsuit filed against them by Ford, himself, for the injuries he sustained.

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