East Coast Braces For Thanksgiving Snowstorm.

The states on the eastern seaboard of the United States are preparing for the first winter storm of this winter season.

The winter storm is predicted to take place on Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day, which is consistently one of the busiest travel days of the year.  The snowstorm began its path of destruction over the weekend in western United States, particularly in Texas. The storm covered the city of Dallas with sleet and freezing rain, resulting in at least eight deaths and causing over 300 flights to be cancelled at the Dallas International Airport. The eight individuals died in traffic motor vehicle accidents resulting from slick road conditions.

Several states in the Midwest are expecting snowy and icy precipitation. Several towns in Oklahoma are anticipating having to clean up half a foot of snow by mid-Tuesday, November 26. Warm weather is expected to return only gradually following this winter storm.

Several towns and cities in New England and the mid-Atlantic region can expect snow accumulation of least several inches on Wednesday. This can result in snarled and dangerous holiday travel as millions of people move about to visit their loved ones for Thanksgiving and Hannukah, which fall together this year. Boston, Massachusetts may avoid the snow, however, as meteorologists predict warm air to predominate in the greater Boston area. The warm air will likely result in heavy rain this Wednesday, with temperatures in the low 60s, for Boston.

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