Drunk Motorboater Crashes Into Kayaker And Paddleboaters in Kingston, Massachusetts.

The Kingston, Massachusetts police recently reported that the occupants of a kayak and a paddleboat on Kingston’s Smelt Pond sustained personal injuries when a motorboat stuck them on July 5, 2013. 

Authorities from state, county, and local agencies all responded to the scene of the boating accident.  They determined that Joseph Carroll drove the motorboat into the two vessels, capsizing both and injuring three people.

State environmental police officers arrested Carroll and charged him with operating a boat under the influence of alcohol and unsafe operation of a boat.  Carroll’s arraignment was July 8, 2013.  The 41 year-old kayaker suffered a serious head injury and the paddle-boaters sustained minor personal injuries.  Two of the victims were transported to the Jordan Hospital emergency room to be treated for their injuries.

The boating accident remains under investigation.

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