Dog Walker in Santa Monica, California Charged With Child Endangerment After 4 Year-Old Child Bitten.

A dog walker from Santa Monica, California was charged with child endangerment on November 13, 2013, after she allowed a four year-old girl to enter a home with an unrestrained Staffordshire terrier present.

A four year-old was bitten by a Staffordshire terrier dog on October 19. 2013, and sustained serious dog bite injuries as a result. The dog walker, Rebecca McGroerty, was charged with child endangerment.  Rebecca McGroerty was hired to walk a family’s dog.  While McGroerty was outside with the dog, the dog was to be kept on a leash and muzzled.

Further, only employees and residents of the home were to be allowed inside the home where the dog was kept.  McGroerty was not permitted to bring anyone inside the home, because the dog was afraid of children and could get aggressive with them.

McGroerty let a four year-old girl, who was not a resident of the house, into the house.  The terrier bit the young girl, inflicting serious dog bites in the girl’s legs. The 4 year-old girl received four stitches to mend the dog bites. The dog was impounded by animal control officers for 10 days before being released back to the owners.

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