Denny’s Diner Ordered To Pay $500,000 To Family Of Girl Injured By Hot Coffee.

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A family stopped at a rest stop in Buffalo, New York in 2010. They went to Denny’s Diner to get some food. The fourteen-month-old baby family member grabbed a hot cup of coffee and spilled it on herself. The cup of steaming hot coffee was placed within reach of the child. When she grabbed the cup, it spilled all over her.

The baby’s parents, Jose Adames and Sally Irizarry, sued the diner’s owners. The couple alleged that the waitress was negligent when she placed the coffee within the reach of the child.

During the trial, there were statements that Denny’s coffee was kept at an extremely hot temperature. There was also testimony from the medical personnel who dealt with the baby’s injuries. The family provided evidence that the child will need lifetime medical care, which will cost over $340,000.

The case went to trial in September 2014. But halfway through the trial, the insurance carrier for G.B. Restaurants, the company that owned the involved Denny’s that is now closed, offered to pay $500,000 in settlement.  John W. McCandless was the Erie, Pa. lawyer who represented the infant’s family.

The lawsuits involving hot coffee have been nationally debated and are considered to be highly controversial. The first such suit was filed almost twenty years ago when 79-year-old Stella Liebeck sued McDonalds when her cup of coffee spilled in her lap, causing third-degree burns.

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