Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Frequently Responsible For Wrongful Deaths Of Cancer Patients.

The Turkish Cancer Society has reported that two out of three cancer patients in Turkey die within five years of diagnosis because of delayed cancer diagnosis and a lack of emphasis on cancer screening in preventative care.

The lack of emphasis on cancer screening leads to many cancer diagnoses that are unnecessarily delayed.  The Turkish Cancer Society reports that two out of three cancer patients die within five years because they are diagnosed with their illnesses too late.  Four common myths about cancer are:  (1) “We don’t need to talk about cancer;” (2) “There are no signs and symptoms of cancer;” (3) “There is nothing I can do about cancer;” and (4) “I don’t have the right to cancer care.”  By raising awareness about the importance of early cancer detection, and the need for a greater emphasis on cancer screening, the Turkish Cancer Society hopes to reduce the number of cancer related deaths in Turkey.

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