Dedham, MA Veterans Angered Over Rabbit Display.

Local Dedham, MA veterans are displeased with a large bunny on display next to a veteran’s memorial. The bunny is part of a public art project meant to raise money and generate interest in the arts.

Frank Currin, a Vietnam War veteran, and his fellow veterans, refused to carry out their salute as part of the town’s Flag Day parade last Thursday. Usually, the veterans salute in Oakdale Square in Dedham, but Currin and others protested the salute because of the large fiberglass bunny sculpture on display – mere feet from a veteran’s memorial.

Leroy—renamed Peace—is one of three bunnies currently on display around Dedham. He was created by an artist and veteran to honor a local vet who died in January as part of an arts project directed by Dedham Shines.

Co-founder of Dedham Shines, Jennifer Barsamian, says that the backlash has been discouraging, and that the bunny was meant to serve as an iconic symbol ofDedhampottery and as part of the town’s history. She says that she is completely surprised by the disapproval of the rabbit, and even stressed that the committee received prior approval for its placement next to the veteran’s memorial.

On Monday, Dedham held a public hearing to determine the bunny’s fate.

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