Children At High Risk For Injury On Trampolines.

The federal American Academy of Pediatrics (“AAP”) has released a statement saying that the recreational use of trampolines poses a major injury risk to children, and that there is no way to significantly reduce that risk.

In 2009 alone, there were 98,000 reported injuries to children caused by trampoline use, many of which required hospitalization.  The rate of injury to children ages 0 to 4 was 70 injuries per 100,000 children, and the rate of injury to kids ages 5 to 14 was 160 per 100,000.

Studies show that three quarters of trampoline injuries occur while multiple children are on the trampoline, and approximately one-half of injuries occur when an adult is nearby.

Researchers from the AAP stated that although many companies have begun selling netting and other trampoline enclosures, there is no evidence that these safety features reduce the risk of personal injury from trampoline use.

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