Blind El Paso, TX Girl’s Family Awarded $2.1M in Medical Malpractice Case.

A Dallas County court in Texas has issued a $2.1 million judgment this past Wednesday to the family of an El Paso, Texas girl who was blinded by medical malpractice.

The judgment was issued in favor of Marcela and José Bustamante, who sued El Paso ophthalmologist Dr. Jorge Fabio Llamas-Soforo and his practice, alleging medical malpractice.

The couple’s daughter, Daniella, was born premature at the Del Sol Medical Center on May 19, 2005.  According to the allegations in the family’s lawsuit, Llamas-Soforo did not have specialized pediatric training, failed to re-examine the infant for four weeks, and did not properly treat the infant, causing her to lose her sight.

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