Biomet Hip Settlement In Final Stages.

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A number of the manufacturers of metal hip replacement technologies are being hit with lawsuits. It has been documented that some patients have suffered from metallosis, pseudotumors, and even death, due to the release of the metal debris from the replacement parts into the bloodstream because of the metal being rubbed back and forth.

Over 2,400 complaints have been filed and are pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana.

A settlement was announced recently between the manufacturer and patients who received a M2a Magnum hip replacement. This hip replacement has a history of releasing metallic debris into the body due to the metal on metal rubbing. The debris can cause serious complications. The settlement will only be available to patients who received the Biomet M2a or M2a Magnum device during their first surgery, and then required a replacement hip within 180 days. Those who have not yet had a hip revision surgery will be able to pursue their own case and possible settlement if and when they need a future surgery.

The settlement creates patients of two groups: group 1 is comprised of 513 cases brought by plaintiffs who completed discovery requirements before December 31, 2013, and group 2 includes those who provided materially completed plaintiff fact sheets before January 1st and January 13th, 2014. The settlement agreement provides that each plaintiff, if eligible, will receive a minimum of $200,000. Certain factors also come into play altering the amount each litigant will receive, such as the amount of time between the two surgeries, the implant model, and when the device was sold.  There is currently a mediation process for those in group one in which patients can argue why they should be owed additional money damages.

The Biomet hip settlement will give money to patients who were forced to undergo early revision surgery due to the faulty metal on metal implant. Some patients suffered extreme side effects due to the defective device. These side effects have resulted in pain and suffering, increased medical bills, and additional time away from work.

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