80 Year-Old Amputee Dies After Vicious Dog Attack.

Carlton Freeman, 80, of Harveyville, South Carolina, has died from the injuries that he sustained in an attack by four dogs that took place in broad daylight last Sunday May 12.

Freeman, a bi-lateral amputee who lost his legs in an accident years ago, was riding his motorized wheelchair through Harveyville. At that time, four dogs suddenly attacked Freeman, who was helpless and could not fend them off. After the police arrived at the scene, Freeman was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room, where he survived only long enough to describe the dog attack to the police officers.

A spokesperson for the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department stated that the dogs attacked Freeman from behind, bit him on the head, arms and torso, pulled on his clothing and attempted to bite him on the neck. The local coroner stated that Freeman suffered multiple lacerations to the head and arms and that it is “a wonder that he was able to hang on as long as he did.”

Dorchester County Sheriff’s deputies have managed to capture three of the four dogs, and are continuing the search for the fourth. The owner of the dogs is reportedly a woman that resides in Freeman’s neighborhood. The local police have made no arrests in the dog bite incident so far.

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